K9 Connectables Medium Breed starter pack.

K9 Connectables Medium Breed starter pack.


When bringing home a new family pet it is important to have all you need when they arrive. Pups naturally like to chew and bite so it’s important they learn what to play with and not the house furniture.

K9 Connectables are designed to engage and entertain your dog. Enrichment toys are important to improve the pet’s mental ability by making them work for their food and treats. 

A pup has to be allowed to chew and bite as they go through teething so having their own toys is essential. A tired pup/ dog is less likely to cause damage in the home.

(Always supervise your pet when playing or eating ensure plenty of water is also available)


This bundle contains the following:

  • New K9 Connectables starter pack.
  • 10 to 25 kg Doggy K9 Connectables.
  • The Dentist attachment and the original included.
  • The Bone is larger and suitable for the largest breeds.
  • K9 Connectables Treats- Salmon & sweet potato 130g

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