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Scúp Doggy Ice Cream for Dogs 450ml Tub (Dublin Only)

Scúp Doggy Ice Cream for Dogs 450ml Tub (Dublin Only)



Dog ice cream is a great everyday treat for your dog or puppy- the ice cream can be licked straight from the tub. Dogs love the treat on a hot day to cool them down or as a special occasion treat like a birthday or gotcha day celebration.

(Always supervise your pet when playing with toys or eating)


Scúp Doggy- Dog Ice Cream For Dogs 450ml Tub


Home Delivery Co.Dublin Only.

Home Delivery for Dog Ice Cream-Take home bumper size Tub. Ideal for doggy gotcha/Birthdays or Breed meet ups.

  • This Tub has 4 servings of  Dog Ice Cream.
  • Less waste and packaging.
  • Less freezer space required with a more compact tub.

Finally, we can share our new product with you :  “Scúp Doggy” – My/Our very own brand of Dog Ice Cream has arrived!.

This tub is designed for peoplet who would like to add Scúp Doggy as a  dog treat when at home.
It comes in a 2.4 ltr tub which is ideal for scooping out to your doggy customers.
It has 20 x 120 ml servings which makes it a very economical pack size, requiring less freezer space.
If you would like to stock Scúp Doggy, please DM me and we will get back to you.
It’s also on the website now for home delivery in Co.Dublin ,with plans to extend our range very soon.
The website will also have a click and collect option for our two weekend markets.
St.Anne’s market on Saturdays
Herbert park market on Sundays .
This will make it an ideal treat to have in your home freezer for lick mats, enrichment toys, food topper and lots more.
It is an Irish ☘️ Brand and your continued support is really appreciated.


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