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Soft Trainers Chicken 100g pack- Quick reward treats

Soft Trainers Chicken 100g pack- Quick reward treats

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Soft Trainers Chicken 100g pack- Quick reward treats Only 4.50


Soft Trainers Chicken – More than just a treat

All-natural dog treat in high premium quality

Our Soft Trainers Chicken are a species-appropriate supplementary dog treat made with Chicken, Colostrum, fibres, Spirulina and Green Lipped Mussel.

This complete recipe contains raw ingredients with a low allergenic potential, and is designed to be especially gently on dog’s digestive system. The special immune complex works alongside the added Colostrum to help stabilise our dog’s gut flora and strengthen their immune system.

The addition of green lipped mussel extract and glucosamine can help to keep joints mobile, stabilise connective tissue and promote healthy cartilage formation.

Our Soft Trainers Chicken have the perfect size for training, searching games or when you just want to take a little treat for a walk. Natural dog treats are a powerful influence during training as a key method to reward desired manners in our canine companions.

Bring variety into your dog’s everyday life and offer your four-pawed friend something completely new. Thanks to the high meat content, our Soft Trainers Chicken not only have a great acceptance, but are also highly digestible and very rich in protein.

Our Soft Trainers Chicken have a size of approx. 1 x 2 cm.


All benefits at a glance:

  • High meat content (94% chicken, monoprotein)
  • Soft consistency – ideal also for puppies and seniors
  • With Colostrum for a strengthened immune system
  • With green lipped mussel extract and glucosamine
  • Promotes joint mobility and the stabilisation of connective tissue and cartilage
  • Perfect for training sessions
  • Innovative
  • Grain-free
  • 100% natural – no chemical additives



Ingredients: Chicken (monoprotein, 94%), pea protein, cellulose, milk and dairy products (colostrum), yeast, mussel extract, spirulina

Nutritional content: raw protein 46,9%, raw fat 12,1%, raw fibre 7%, raw ash 10,0%, moisture 11,5%

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